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Matt Bratz, RN

Matt began his recruiting career in 2009 for BHP. He left his management position at a local emergency department to begin building an emergency medicine team that he could present to clients searching for great physicians. He also brought critical knowledge of emergency department bedside nursing.

This experience quickly taught him that continual collaboration and communication is vital for success. He stays focused on this today to build and maintain strong working relationships with others. Taking the time for conversation allows him to personalize his work and this allows him to create a complimentary match for clients and physicians (attention: if golf comes up in conversation, make sure you have time to talk)!

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 1
Fax: 414-858-2400

Amy Bratz
Vice President

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 4

Taylor Smith

Taylor is a full-time Recruiter who joined BHP with accomplished experience working in a nationwide event marketing arena. He recognizes recruiting as not a simple task, but rather, a purposeful matching of the right physician for the right assignment. His skills and personality embrace the design of BHP to create a working environment unique and specific to our client and physician needs.

The only one in our office without an outside window, he was able to craft a space exclusive to him by displaying his “outside of the box” ingenuity (he got rid of the box with a view of the Rockies via his very own window poster)!

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 5

John Bratz

John joined our team in 2017 as our full time Account Manager. He comes with a marketing background where he had exciting opportunities working high profile events such as PGA golf tournaments, Super Bowls, SXSW, MLB All Star-Games and many more. These experiences have equipped him with the knowledge and skills he brings to ensure physicians are properly supported as they are placed for success. John features a focus on details, organization, and communication which are critical for a successful operation at BHP. Who says you shouldn’t work with family? We are excited to have John not just a part of our family, but also a part of our BHP family! 

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 6

Naomi Feuerstahler
Executive Assistant

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 2

Denean Kautzer
Credentialing Coordinator

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 7

April Sanicola
Administrative Assistant

April has been dedicated to her Administrative Assistant position here since the beginning of 2011. Her ability to adapt to changes and growth, as shown through her ever changing and advancing job duties, complements the style and goals of BHP. She works full-time with a focus on invoicing, travel and interoffice IT support. You will find her resourceful organizational skills are out of this world (matching her Star Trek enthusiast dynamism)!

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 8

Tracy Rzutkiewicz
Recruiter Assistant

Tracy enhanced our office in the early part of 2015 as our Recruiter Assistant. Her previous experience working alongside the interdisciplinary medical team in the Emergency Department has proven to be an asset to BHP. She currently works a flexible, part-time position that provides administrative and supportive duties to the office.This includes travel coordination, as well as other miscellaneous, priority projects that present themselves (she is our jack of all trades)!

Phone: 800-514-4580 Ext. 3